So What’s Speed Brick Breaking?

New Records are open for speed brick breakers!!

Most martial artists and the general public are familiar with traditional brick and board breaking, but a new EXTREME SPORT has arisen that combines striking power with quickness and agility: speed brick breaking. Performed with stacks of one to five 1-inch thick cement slabs, speed brick breaking is timed, either in heats between competitors or as a solo event for a record attempt or personal best.With your hand or new with your foot.

Speed Brick Breaking on National TV The Steve Harvey Show 2013

The World's Fastest Brick Breakers!!

New Speed Stomp Brick Breaking

Foot brick breaking with speed and power, stomp you're way to the top of the record books on speed brick breakers website.We have the same divisions as hand speed brick breaking all record are open in stomp  brick breaking.Compete to see what you can do with your feet,all levels are open so be the first one to set the standard in speed foot breaking.

Gm Taylor 809 bricks gone

Master Switkowski  350 bricks gone

4th degree   O'Keefe 250 brick gone

3rd degree   Rea 200 bricks gone

3rd degree  Sikorski  200 bricks gone

1st degree  Gietzen  100 bricks  gone

  Level 1 10 Bricks in 2.61 seconds  Daerome    Jones


3,494,820 Views our guy Matt Sikorski


Master Kevin Taylor speed brick breaking and Baby Luke on the Steve Harvey Show National Tv 2013